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Review: Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash with Extra Whitening

I received a free bottle of the Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash with Extra Whitening to try from Bzzagent in return for my honest opinion about the product. I will say that the product is pleasurable to use. The flavor is good, not too burny. It definitely feels like it doing something in your mouth. However, there are a few things about the product usage and about the results that lead me to the conclusion that the product is not ideal for my long term dental care regimen. As to the usage, this mouthwash calls for 10 ml dose of swishing twice daily for 1 minute. I can find no indication on the bottle of how to measure 10 ml. The bottle cap seems designed to measure a specific amount, so I used the inner cap to measure out my daily dose. As a rather uptight and detail-oriented person, I did not like that this was ambiguous and I had no intention of buying a specialized instrument to measure my trial mouthwash. The duration of the mouthwash swishing is longer than the other mouthwashes that I have used (both closys and listerine recommend 30 seconds). The requirement to use this mouthwash twice daily was too much for me. Not only do I hate the ritual of mouthwash and have to work really hard to initiate such habits (like the 1 a day was a big enough ordeal), but my dentist recommends a specific mouthwash for dry mouth and gum care so if I were to use mouthwash twice a day I could not justify using a vanity/whitening product and ignoring my dentist both times.

Now it is probably most important for me to review the whitening properties of the wash. I gave this product twice the recommended trial since I only used it once a day. I did not actually see any noteworthy difference in the whiteness of my teeth. Now this is very likely due to the fact that before I tried this mouthwash this I was using Crest’s 3D Power Couple whitening toothpaste, so I may be at my peak whitening for Crest’s whitening product line. I don’t think I would say that this product is a waste. It lasted me a while and seemed to keep my mouth clean as a mouthwash generally should. I don’t even think the stuff is expensive. It’s just that if I really wanted to see immediate whitening results in my teeth, I would probably choose a different product (even a different Crest product).



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