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Review: Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System

When I first was offered to try Crest 3D White Brilliance Daily Cleansing & Whitening System for free through BzzAgent, I was very excited to try a new whitening product. A few months ago I tried a professional whitening product through my dentist’s office that created so much sensitivity in my teeth that I thought I was feeling disheartened and pessimistic about whitening products. I was also feeling frustration about my new tea habit and the stains it has been leaving on my teeth.

When I first started researching Crest’s new product I was terribly concerned that it might contain plastic beads. Fortunately this product does not. The primary ingredients of interest are stannous fluoride in the step 1 cleanser and hydrogen peroxide in the step 2 whitening polish. The only concerns with these chemicals is a possible teeth staining from the fluoride formula and tooth sensitivity from the peroxide. Crest addresses these by 1) warning the user about the possibility of fluoride staining and 2) leaving cleansing paste on your teeth during the polish step.

I have used the 3D White System for two weeks now. I find that the concerns about fluoride staining and peroxide sensitivity are not an issue for me. I have experienced no staining or strange discoloration in my teeth or gums and that makes me happy. The peroxide does not give me strong cold sensitivity. There is a mild sensation of a brisk cool wind coming in my mouth during that final polishing step and during the final rinse, but I suffer no negative side effects from the whitening agent. This was a concern for me since the carbamide peroxide in my dentist’s professional products resulted in intolerable side effects for me. Crest is much milder an experience. As to the whitening effects, I have seen my teeth lighten 1-2 shades. Of course my teeth are their whitest after brushing and not after drinking tea, but I see distinct benefits from doing a whitening regimen so regularly since I have this tea habit that is constantly staining my teeth.

What I like about the product is that it does not significantly lengthen my dental hygiene regimen. It keeps my teeth whitened regularly in spite of my regular tea habit. The multiple product tube stand upright and don’t take up much counter space. The whitening experience is not painful or complicated. I like the taste of the products (almost fruity or bubble gum like). From what I can tell, the system is not very expensive.So would I continue to use this product? Yes, with a caveat. I think that my dentist needs to be consulted before I decide to use a hydrogen peroxide treatment daily as I don’t know what that chemical does to healthy bacteria in the mouth. Last time I checked the bottle of peroxide in my medicine cabinet it said it was for dental debridement and I believe it functions as an antiseptic. The dose may be inconsequential for that purpose. I will ask during my appointment later this month. I am very glad I got to try this product!

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