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Review: Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt

I received a free sample of Silk’s newest yogurt through an online program called BzzAgent and, since I liked it, I thought it appropriate to share my views here!

Since I am lactose intolerant, I have a love-love relationship with dairy-free products. I truly enjoy the flavor of soy milk, almond milk etc.

That is not to say I can’t eat cultured (lactose free) dairy. So my first concern when purchasing a dairy-free yogurt is always going to be taste. Years ago I thought I had to give up dairy altogether and I tried all of the major dairy-free yogurt brands out there, including Silk, and I wasn’t particularly impressed. What I wanted to know during this campaign was whether Silk had reformulated their product and if they had finally made a crave worth product.

When I finally tried Silk’s new dairy-free yogurt I was pleasantly surprised. The new product was super creamy. I took several pictures of the yogurt flowing off the spoon. All of the flavors appear to be blended, yet Silk managed to get chunks of fruit evenly distributed through the yogurt. You feel like you are eating real, natural strawberry yogurt instead of some artificial science experiment. Finally, as always, there is a distinct aftertaste (which there is with all yogurts). The aftertaste is very mild for soy yogurt and does not come with a dragon-like breath that I often associate with dairy. All in all, Silk’s dairy-free passed my flavor demands. Not only is it the best soy yogurt I’ve tried. It’s probably the best plant-based yogurt I’ve tried too. I think the only way Silk might improve the product’s taste is if they made a fruit in the bottom version.

As to Silk yogurt’s other benefits, I’m not a GMO botherer, but I know GMO’s concern some people. Silk dairy-free is GMO free (which is amazing to find in a soy product). It has protein content comparable to dairy yogurt. It is lactose and corn syrup free unlike some of the cheaper dairy yogurts. Finally what makes me super excited is that Silk has come up with a bunch of flavors. I’m keeping my eyes open for black cherry flavor. Then maybe I will update my review. 🙂


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